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The Spa

Step out of the hustle and bustle of city living, and right into Duw's White House Ayurvedic & Tourist Board approved Spa & wellness center's restful tranquillity that promises many moments of serenity. A cosy outfit, Duw's White House SPA is a sacred space where traditional Ayurveda meets modern Thai knowledge.

Immerse yourself in the ambience of this truly urban oasis that’s surrounded by elegant fixtures and furnishings, and complete with an intricate mix of fragrant scents to tantalise your senses.

For total relaxation and rejuvenation, surrender yourselves to our holistic and therapeutic massages designed in Both traditional Ayurveda and Thai style. Here at this charming boutique massage surrounded by the ocean is where you will easily leave the cares of the world behind, and arrive at a perfect harmony of mind, body and spirit.

Approved by Sri Lankan Tourist Board & Department of Ayurveda

Treatment Price In USD Price In Rupees
Aroma Therapy massage USD 30 Rs.4500.00
Aroma Therapy with steam bath USD 38 Rs.6000.00
Traditional Thai full body by special Thai masseur (1hrs) USD 35 Rs.5500.00
Full body massage with natural fruit and steam bath (1hrs and 20 min) USD 40 Rs.6500.00
Thai Herbal Massage (2 hrs) USD 50 Rs.8000.00

Thai Massage with scrub ( 1 1/2 hrs) USD 50 Rs.8000.00
Special sun burn relief treatment ( 1 hrs ) USD 30 Rs.4500.00
Sandalwood and Milk scrub ( 1 & 1 / 2 hrs ) USD 22 Rs.3500.00

Special Head Massage (40 Min) USD 17 Rs.2500.00
Special Head and shoulder massage (45 Min) USD 20 Rs.3500.00

Special Foot massage (30 Min) USD 13 Rs.2000.00

Sheerodhara (1 hrs) USD 44 Rs.7000.00

Herbal steam USD 10$ Rs.1500.00

Hot Stone Therapy (55 Min) USD 50 Rs.8000.00

Deep Tissue Massage USD 40 Rs.6000.00
Sport Massage USD 40 Rs.6000.00

Special Herbal Hot Oil Massage (1 hrs) USD 35 Rs.5500.00

Flower Bath USD 44 Rs.7000.00
Hebal Bath USD 22 Rs.3500.00


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