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Nearby Food Corners

Nearby Food Corners

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Sri Lanka’s most of the places you can eat what are the foods you like. Sri lanka is famous for sea foods and they are traditional foods.


KFC has a long tradition of great food, a warm culture and some of the best hospitality among quick service restaurant. KFC, Sri Lanka was launched in 1995 with our inaugural outlet at Majestic City and since then we have steadily expanded to have 25 restaurants in operation at present.

Sub way

Subway has just opened its doors in Colombo fast food enthusiasts went nuts at the opening.Everyone's pretty psyched that it's finally here. From the bread to the filling to the sauces - these sandwiches are as customized as they come, there's plenty to munch on, and it's not crazily priced.

Burgers King

Burger's King opened their first restaurant in year 2000 and set out to serve only the highest quality food, fulfill their Guest's every request and make sure everyone who walked in the door felt like family. Since then we have expanded our guest dining area.

Pizza Hut

The first known pizza shop in Sri Lanka, opened in 1830 and is still open today. They currently have 24+ Pizza Hut stores throughout the Sri Lanka. Made up of dine-in restaurants and their delivery and takeaway. Nearly everyone anywhere can enjoy a most tasteful.


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