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Nearby Activities

Nearby Activities

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You can search for places nearby, like places to eat, drink and enjoy. You’ll see places like restaurants, coffee shops, entertainments and other places of interesting along.

Boat Ride

Boat riding is a very enjoyable activity to do when you are in Sri Lanka. It gives you an insight to the life of the people living along the river bank and also a chance to see the unique growth of plantation and the bio diversity integrated around the river region.


Sri Lanka is an excellent location to participate in, and enjoy the exciting sport of island and deep sea fishing. Sri Lanka being an island in the Indian Ocean is ideal for fishing.which is one of the main occupations of the people living in coastal areas.


The waters of Sri Lanka are home to an incredible range of marine creatures from massive blue whales all the way through to tiny nudibranch. Sri Lanka has an abundance of great sites to discover including great wreck dives which are scattered off the coast.


Sri Lanka's beaches provide breathtaking snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities.In the west of Sri Lanka , head to Bar Reef.But for the country's piece de resistance.Waters and abundant fish and coral life make it the ultimate underwater experience.

Live BBQ

In our Dow’s White House Hotel’s one of the best delicious food is BBQ. You can eat a best BBQ here.Hotel Duw’s White House is the ideal venue for your BBQ. We have a range of BBQ and flexibel range of menus.


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